Assisted Living for Couples — Everything You Need to Know

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As we age, our individual needs change, which can make meeting senior care needs difficult for older couples who require different levels of care. Different needs doesn't have to mean living apart, however; many senior living communities gladly welcome elderly couples with different care needs.

We offer pet-friendly studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments for assisted living residents to enjoy. Our two-bedroom suites are particularly popular among couples. about assisted living costs and the average cost of care plans for couples.

About Assisted Living

Also known as:

  • Assisted living communities
  • Assisted living facilities
  • ALFs

Assisted living communities are a type of senior living community dedicated to people who require some assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), which include bathing and getting dressed. They are perfect for older adults who have some mobility issues or show signs of mild cognitive decline.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of assisted living is that it offers residents the freedom to live their lives free from chores and mundane housekeeping responsibilities. Regularly scheduled activities and being surrounded by their peers can also do wonders forolder adults' physical and mental health

How We Do Assisted Living

We strive to improve the quality of life of every resident, family member, and staff member who enters our doors. Assisted living at Monarch Communities® therefore offers the following amenities and services:

  • Mouth-watering meals for visiting family members
  • On-site fitness and wellness centers
  • Health care providers on site
  • Medical care services, including medication management
  • 24/7 caregiver support
  • Specialized care plans for each resident
  • Linen, laundry, and housekeeping services
  • Regularly scheduled outings to the local community
  • And much, much more

Benefits of Assisted Living for Couples

When in-home care is no longer feasible to ensure the well-being of one or both individuals, senior couples will have to explore their long-term care options, including assisted living.

Assisted living can be particularly beneficial for elderly couples where one person needs a higher level of care than the other one does, as assisted living caregivers craft personalized care plans for each resident, even if said residents enter the community as a couple.

Couples will find that moving into a community together can include benefits like the following.

Removing caregiving responsibilities from one partner or other family members.

Oftentimes in couples where one person has greater care needs, one partner will assume caregiving responsibilities for the other. This situation can create feelings of frustration and resentment among the caregiver partner. Furthermore, older caregivers may find themselves at physical risk as they attempt to assist their partners in ways that are not safe. For example, an older husband may slip a disc while assisting his elderly wife in and out of bed.

By moving into an assisted living community, these couples can avoid the added stress and physical risks associated with in-home family caregiving.

Improving the mental health of all involved.

Keeping the couple together can be a tremendous boost to everyone's mood.

Additionally, older couples may isolate themselves when living alone, which can be remedied with a shift to communal living. An older husband, for example, may have a bad back and can no longer get around as easily as he used to; his wife may have poor vision and can also no longer safely drive. As such, this couple spends most of their time at home instead of mingling with their peers. Moving into a community with 24/7 care staff means that these kinds of couples will have plenty of opportunities to regularly socialize.

Senior Living for Couples at Monarch Communities®

At Monarch Communities®, older couples live together even when each person has different care needs; you can even bring Fido along for the ride

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